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Behavioral Health

Southside Community Services Board serves all patients and does not deny services based on a person’s race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.  A sliding fee scale is offered to patients who qualify.  Insurance is accepted, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available 24-hours per day, 365 days per year to provide evaluation and assessment of individuals in need of crisis intervention . This service includes screening individuals for admission to a psychiatric hospital (private and state-operated) on voluntary and involuntary basis. This service is available in all Southside Behavioral Health Centers.

Outpatient Services

Treatment services may be provided by psychiatrists, therapists, and/or nurses at our behavioral health centers. We provide comprehensive assessment and evaluation of an individual's behavioral health needs, conduct individual and group therapy sessions, and prescribe and monitor medications as needed.

Service Coordination

Upon request, clients may be assigned a service coordinator who monitors the delivery of needed services and develops an individualized service plan. Behavioral health service coordinators provide ongoing assessments of clients, refer and link them to needed services, and oversee the continuity and delivery of service plans. service coordinators also provide discharge planning and referral coordination for aftercare and follow-up services.

Mental Health Day Support Services

This program helps adults with serious mental illness in the rehabilitation and enhancement of skills needed to live in the community, whether the individuals live on their own, with families, or in other residential settings (group home, supervised apartment, etc.).

Services are structured and include a focus on independent living skills, social and community integration skills, and overall symptom management.

Assessment of consumer needs and preferences is used to develop individualized plans for consumers. Client and family education are a critical part of this program for achieving successful and satisfying outcomes for the perple served.

Residential Services 

We operate two independent living apartment complexes designed to provide affordable housing for adults with serious mental illness. Applicants for tenancy at  Gateway Apartments in Halifax County and Alberta Manor in Brunswick County are required to demonstrate basic independent living skills.

Tenants have full access to counseling, medication, and case management services through our behavioral health centers, and participation in our Community Support Programs. Specialized in-home case management services are also available for qualified individuals.

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Infants, Children and Families Centers

Brunswick Infants, Children & Families Services Center
2087 Lawrenceville Plank Road
P. O. Box 218
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Telephone: 434-848-4121


Halifax Infants, Children & Families Services Center

424 Hamilton Blvd.
PO Box 488
South Boston, VA 24592
Telephone: 434-572-2971


Mecklenburg Infants, Children & Families Services Center

450 Washinton Street
P.O. Box 350
Boydton, VA 23917-0350
Telephone: 434-738-0406

Service Coordination Locations

Brunswick Behavioral Health Center
2087 Lawrenceville Plank Rd.
P. O. Box 218
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Telephone: 434-848-4121

Halifax Behavioral Health Center
424 Hamilton Blvd.
P. O. Box 488
South Boston, VA 24592
Telephone: 434-572-2936 0r 572-2420

Mecklenburg Behavioral Health Center
523 Madison Street
P. O. Box 470
Boydton, VA 23917
Telephone: 434-738-0154

(TDD = Telecommunications Device for the Hearing Impaired)

Residential Service Centers

Gateway-Halifax Apartments
630 Berry Hill Road
South Boston, VA 24592

Alberta Manor
77 Elm Street
Alberta, VA 23821

Mental Health Day Support Centers

Halifax County Mental Health Day Support Services
3030 Philpott Road
P.O. Box 70
South Boston, VA 24592
Telephone: 434-572-9563

Mecklenburg County Mental Health Day Support Services Center
823 N. Mecklenburg Avenue
P.O. Box 277
South Hill, VA 23970
Telephone: 434-447-7601 or 447-8422

Brunswick County Mental Health Day Support Services

1386 Lawrenceville Plank Road
P. O. Box 953
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Telephone: 434-848-2121

Prevention Coordinator

Children and Family Services Center
424 Hamilton Boulevard
PO Box 488
South Boston, VA 24592
Telehone: 434-572-6918 Ext. 334