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Developmental Disability Services

Developmental Day Support

There are three developmental day support programs in the counties of Brunswick, Mecklenburg and Halifax which provide day support programming for adults with intellectual disability.

  • Persons with intellectual disability 22 years of age and older (or age 18 with parental consent) receive training in independent living skills, basic educational training, self-help and community integration skills.
  • Individualized service plans are developed for each consumer using a person-centered planning approach and consumers' needs and preferences are assessed and continually monitored.
  • Service Coordination services coordinate a person's referral to and participation in the training center program.

Service Coordination

Individuals may be assigned a Service Coordinator, who monitors services needed and develops an individual service plan. Intellectual disability Service Coordinators provide ongoing assessments of consumers, refer and link them to needed services and oversee the continuity of services provided for the consumers. Service Coordinators also provide discharge planning and referral coordination for aftercare and follow-up services.

Residential Services

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  1. Group Homes
    Board group homes provide residential services to adults with intellectual disability. Referrals are processed through service coordinators. Individualized service plans are developed for each resident with specific behavioral objectives. Close follow-up is maintained with families and referring agencies. Consumers receive support services at the Developmental Day Support or other appropriate service locations.

  2. Semi-Independent Living (One-bedroom Apartments)
    Semi-independent living provides a progressive step in the continuum of care for individuals with intellectual disability or intellectual disability/mental illness.. Tenants must have demonstrated the capability to perform basic activities of daily living (bathing, personal hygiene, grooming) with minimal to no assistance, have some knowledge of money and money management skills and who have basic cooking skills. Candidates for admission will function in the mild to moderate (high) range of intellectual disability and can be non-ambulatory but must demonstrate the ability to transfer independently. Skill demonstration will be required prior to admission. Appropriate candidates will have demonstrated basic communication skills (clearly expressing needs) and will not require 24-hour supervision. Candidates for admission will be expected to demonstrate basic knowledge of health and safety issues (including medication compliance), community resources and housekeeping skills.

  3. Intermediate Care Facility
    Hope House is an eight (8) bed Intermediate Care Facility for people with severe to profound levels of intellectual disabilities (ICF-MR). Located in La Crosse, Mecklenburg county, the ICF-MR provides intensive, highly supervised residential and specialized care in maintaining health status and supporting adaptive behavior to enhance an individual's level of functioning. Other areas of assistance include nursing and supportive services (i.e. occupational, physical and speech therapies, behavioral training, dietetic consolation, psychological and case management services, as well as 24 hours of intensive supervision. In addition, collateral contacts will be made with the surrounding communities to facilitate the implementation of services identified in the service plan.

Developmental Day Support Services

Brunswick Developmental Day Support
1648 Lawrenceville Plank Road
P.O. Box 713
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Telephone: 434-848-4661

Halifax Developmental Day Support
3030 Philpott Road
P.O. Box 70
South Boston, VA 24592
Telephone: 434-572-2971

Mecklenburg Developmental Day Support (John H. Northington Center)
703 Lombardy Street
P. O. Box 479
South Hill, VA 23970

Residential Service Locations

Group Homes

Rainbow House
125 Travis Drive
Lawrenceville, VA 23868

Brandon Home
51 Poplar Creek Street
South Boston, VA 24592

Ashley Manor
130 Charlotte Avenue
LaCrosse, VA 23950

Semi-Independent Living

King's Manor

3034 Philpott Road
South Boston, VA 24592

MARC Manor
590 Thompson Street
LaCrosse, VA 23950

Intermediate Care Facility

Hope House

154 Charlotte Avenue
LaCrosse, VA 23950